March 19, 2024

Plant and Equipment Supplier Lifted By Lidiar Group

Since 2022, Lidiar Group has worked with one of Queensland’s first 100% Indigenous-owned plant and equipment owners to support their push for accreditation.

Led by Lidiar Group’s Health and Safety Associate Savio Pereira, the partnership was initiated when assistance was sought following an External ISO management systems audit, which identified the need to remedy minor non-conformances and enhance user-centricity. To support the goal, our team crafted a customised Integrated Management System (IMS) aligned with ISO 9001 and 45001 certification requirements, primarily guided by Usability Mapping principles. Through this process, Savio personally supported, coached, and mentored a new HSSE Officer, achieving recertification in their latest audit.

Savio said of the project, “The feedback on the developed systems has been overwhelmingly positive, not only from the External ISO IMS auditor but also from the team utilising these systems.”

Drawing from experience on the opposite end, Savio emphasises that an integrated management system should consider the workforce’s capacity and capability, tailoring it to their comprehension.

“Consultation is key. I’m a huge advocate for continuous improvement at both the leadership and grassroots levels, maintaining a strong focus on enhancing user-centricity,” said Savio.

“We are proud to have helped our client to achieve outstanding outcomes that provide significant value to not only their internal teams, but clients as well,” said Savio. Lidiar Group team members Julio Bará and Savio Pereira can be connected via LinkedIn.