Darren Cave

Darren brings over 20 years’ experience in technical, performance driven project management with a current, proven track record in strategically planning for, and delivering, project development solutions for specialist services to Australia’s public sector as well as blue-chip energy, mining and infrastructure clients. Darren is engaged in his areas of expertise and is an active participant in numerous key industry organisations.

Darren has delivered construction projects in the renewable energy, oil and gas, water, wastewater, building and transport infrastructure construction sectors as Project Director, Joint Venture Manager, Project Manager and Commercial Manager. He has strong communication skills able to be applied at various levels and is a proficient stakeholder management specialist.

Darren has held principal responsibility for tendering and proposal activities across a broad range of services: operations and maintenance, steel fabrication, drilling and well servicing, water and wastewater construction, civil construction, mining services, telecommunications construction and oil, gas and energy construction. “Darren has coordinated teams and collaborated for success in all phases of the project development cycle from feasibility assessment, through contractor engagement negotiations, to project pre-delivery and execution.” This wide breadth of experience provides him with an excellent level of experience to bring to any project team.

As part of senior management teams, Darren has led the development of strategic and business planning and led contact and relationship management. This has consolidated his understanding of clients’ present and future needs and honed his strategic oversight.

From the earliest stages of his career, Darren has specialised in solutions-based consultations and project development to achieve strategic, logistical and operational excellence. Darren provides high-level leadership and steerage of Lidiar Group, with responsibility for the business operationally.

Lachlan Winterbotham

Lachlan is a results oriented, highly productive project management professional with an ability to communicate on various levels whilst maintaining a strong and clear focus on client needs. Lachlan’s organised and methodical approach stems from his mechanical background and his ground-up understanding of successful major project execution.

Lachlan’s project management capabilities have been honed by over 20 years of construction management and project management roles as a member of successful delivery teams on complex infrastructure projects. He has an understanding of operating in brownfield as well as greenfield construction environments, with a genuine reputation for successful project delivery across the energy, oil and gas, water, resources and transportation sectors. “Lachlan has an insatiable appetite for excellence, incredible attention to detail and an unwavering focus on achieving perfect project outcomes”.

Lachlan’s involvement in water and wastewater developments, civil construction projects, fabrication projects and information technology initiatives round out his holistic abilities and project management capabilities. Lachlan has been involved at various lifecycle stages of projects, from implementation through to joining projects in distress as a problem solver.

Innovation and application of new ideas in the Energy sector is one of Lachlan’s passions and he strives to stay ahead of the curve with an understanding of the complexities of emerging technology. Lachlan forged the path for Lidiar Groups involvement with renewable energy generation and energy storage solutions and always holds relevant industry knowledge, ready to be applied on new and innovative construction projects.

Lachlan has an intensely focused attention to detail and is in continual pursuit of excellence and improvement. Lachlan is a shareholding Partner in Lidiar Group and is a member of its leadership team.

Niall Callan
Niall is a talented, resourceful and versatile construction professional commanding 26 years of progressive success in energy, resources and manufacturing infrastructure projects. Niall has a proven ability to lead, plan and manage large teams delivering projects from early development and engineering phases of a project’s lifecycle through to project execution and completion. He always provides the most efficient, practical solution for clients. Niall has a mature understanding of Project Management principles and an established past performance of applying a disciplined approach to the development, construction, and the ongoing management of large projects. In remote locations Niall has led large workforces to construct complex assignments, spanning wide geographic regions and piloted consistent and focused delivery.

Niall understands the importance of bringing total dedication, the highest standards and accountability to achieve quality outcomes for the benefit of all stakeholders. He has excellent communication skills and operates well across various levels, able to direct a blue-collar workforce and present and report at Board level. Niall’s experience in ASX listed companies demonstrates a capacity to operate in highly governed environments, whilst his involvement in smaller construction contractors exhibits that he is able to apply that structure in circumstances without it. “Niall is a project management chameleon who excels in challenging environments and delivers excellence through determined, focused hard work”.

Niall also has a strong track record in bid development of winning tenders, linked to profitable construction projects for some of Australia’s major contractors. He holds a practical mindset, able to problem solve and think outside of the box. He always brings his non-negotiable attitude to safety on any project and demonstrates sophisticated engagement with communities and the environment in which he functions.

Niall has held senior level roles across a range of Lidiar Group’s projects, always client oriented and outcome driven. Niall is a shareholding Partner in Lidiar Group and is a member of its leadership team.

Lidiar Group works with various known industry professionals as Associates in order to provide its full range of services. Lidiar Group Associates bring a range of additional specialised capabilities to tendering and project management roles. In consultation, we work with our clients in order to select and provide a team which fulfils the desired project development or execution outcome.