Lidiar Group has the experience to hear your challenge and use its expertise to provide a bespoke solution which is aligned to the needs of your project or business.


We believe that owners, developers and contractors in the energy, resources and infrastructure construction sectors should have access to excellent advisory and technical capabilities which allow them to exceed their objectives and deliver complex infrastructure solutions in the modern world. Our advisory and technical service offering complement each other to be able to provide targeted expertise across all stages of infrastructure project development. Lidiar Group functions as both an extension to your organisation’s capabilities and competencies and as an independent delivery companion.


With providers of all levels being driven to push themselves harder than ever before to meet market and stakeholder expectations, Lidiar Group specialises in supporting companies well-positioned for growth.

Wouldn’t it be great if your organisation had access to a team of agile project professionals across a diverse range of disciplines to advise, support and strengthen your team?

Lidiar Group is a collective of key individuals across a diverse range of consulting, management, professional and engineering backgrounds. Our collective know-how draws from a broad portfolio of technical, legal, commercial, and entrepreneurial experience from various industries.

Lidiar Group directs and delivers its expertise as required by your organisation to meet its short, medium and long-term goals.


The Lidiar Group team comes together with a strong ethos for planning and strategy to deliver reliable and consistent success

Our purpose: to connect and empower our clients by energising and strengthening their capabilities

Lidiar Group are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of service, utilising best-in-class systems and processes to underpin delivery and provide outstanding results.

Our fully integrated business management systems are compliant with ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO45001 Safety Management Systems and ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems.