Lidiar Group Helps Production Meet Fuel-Additive Demand

With market demand for vital chemicals and fertilisers growing significantly, Lidiar Group provided embedded expertise to support the ongoing operations and future optimisation projects to ensure critical performance success for a leading global manufacturer’s facility in Queensland.

Initially engaged in assessing and coordinating a series of ongoing projects contributing to the reliability and performance of the Gibson Island plant, Lidiar Group's involvement was instrumental in ensuring clear scope definition, accurate cost estimation, and timely project delivery.

Key Project Information

Location - South East Queensland

Sector - Industrial

Services - Project Management Services, Planning & Scheduling, Commercial Management and Cost Control.

Key Contact - Niall Callan

“With a focus on ongoing maintenance, improvement, and production optimisation, asset owners’ projects demand sophisticated project coordination and management, often navigating short, complex shutdowns and turnaround-style operations,” said Lidiar Group’s Niall Callan.

With product demand in key categories up, particularly Australia’s demand for diesel fuel additives designed to reduce emissions generated from modern diesel engines, the facility has to operate at peak efficiency with unquestioned reliability and output. At the same time, upgrades were being made to support the plant's continued growth and commercial success.

“Complex, multifaceted projects like this are where we excel. As any asset owner will tell you, continued, sustainable, guaranteed production is vital, so operationally, a facility must be able to perform at its peak continuously. When upgrades are planned, it is therefore vital that they are planned, costed, scheduled, and delivered with meticulous attention to detail so that projects can be delivered with minimal interruptions to current performance,” said Niall.

Lidiar Group deployed a team of project managers and project engineers, embedding them in the client’s team. Their on-site presence spearheaded various construction projects, including facility upgrades, dam construction, and structural steel replacement programs.

As these projects progressed, our team identified and managed key environmental risks, leading to the development of comprehensive environmental management plans, including water remediation programs and the construction of an onsite containment pond and water processing facility.

“One of our great strengths is the team we have assembled, ready to bring their skills to key client projects on demand. Unlike many resources or temporary contract solutions, our team is part of your team, working to the standards, processes, and levels of excellence we and our client demand.”

“That means that when you have a project that requires exceptional advisory support or embedded resources, we have the right people with the right approach, experience, and skills to hit the ground running and support a project from day one,” said Niall.

During the team's 24+ month tenure supporting the facility, they have been instrumental in project advisory, management, coordination, engineering, cost control, estimation, and budget management. Additionally, they have overseen design management, subcontract management, portfolio reporting, environmental planning, management, and corporate assurance reporting, ensuring a comprehensive approach to project success and sustainability.

“Our involvement in key projects has not only ensured greater delivery reliability but has also facilitated consistent cost budgeting and project forecasting, thereby enhancing the overall consistency of the plant's production timeline,” said Niall.

As the asset owner continues to navigate complex projects in its quest for operational excellence, Lidiar Group remains committed to driving innovation, efficiency, and reliability, cementing its reputation as a trusted partner in achieving transformative outcomes. To learn more about how we can support your next project with advisory services and critical personnel, visit Capabilities – Lidiar Group or contact Niall Callan.