July 10, 2020

Lidiar Group Prioritises the development of its systems

Lidiar Group is very pleased to announce that Stuart White has joined the Lidiar Group team. Stuart has a very strong background in workplace health and safety management, system development and risk management. He has developed management systems for organisations such as Zinfra, Retail Food Group and Ausenco. Stuart holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree of Science.

In the immediate term, Stuart will be completing the development and implementation of Lidiar Group’s business management systems as well as supporting some of the supply chain enablement works that Lidiar Group has been providing Shell Australia. Further to those works Lidiar Group will be targeting a greater level of involvement in our clients HSE management systems and widen our offering in that important space providing a new pathway for growth.

Lidiar Group’s Partner, Darren Cave commented “Having Stuart on board signifies an important phase for Lidiar Group. We acknowledge that to grow and develop Lidiar Group must ensure that our system strength is solid, and we are prepared to invest in it.”

Please join us in welcoming Stuart to Lidiar Group.