July 26, 2023

Meet Our Procurement Team – Albina Bezdetko

Our contracts and procurement team comprises a unique mix of professionals with proven track records from across the globe. Their diverse experiences and opinions are a core strength of our team, enabling us to bring broad strategic thinking and real-world knowledge to our clients’ procurement challenges.

We caught up with Contracts and Procurement Associate, Albina Bezdetko, to find out a little more about their approach to bringing world-class procurement strategies to meet the needs of clients, the supply chain and critical projects.

“My background is in the manufacturing sector and, industrial and business supply, which has given me a thorough understanding of the need for seamless procurement to support fast-moving, time critical supply networks.”

“Throughout my career, I have seen firsthand the benefits of a well-planned procurement strategy. A well-positioned and developed procurement professional/team will help a business grow, as well as sustaining a business through various stages of growth, expansion and success. It is an often overlooked fundamental of business and one of the building blocks that can ensure success, particularly in the manufacturing, construction and resources sectors where systems, projects and products are reliant on a seamless supply of inputs and movement of outputs.

“The biggest challenges I see across procurement are outdated systems and processes, as well as procurement strategies and activities that have insufficient guidelines, policies or procedures. This all leads to extended lead-times impacting project delivery.”

To overcome key challenges, Albina recommends taking a clear audit of processes to find areas of short-term gain and long-term improvement.

“You can’t get to where you want to go without knowing where you are, A thorough review of current processes, establishes what is working well, what can be learnt from previous experience, and what can be done better. It also quickly shows where processes can be updated to meet current demands and prepares the client for the future as they aim to facilitate on-time project delivery.”

It’s not just in the theory of procurement where Albina showcases their experience but in the practical implementation of advice to support our clients.

“I recently developed a new AFE (Authority for Expenditure) process and documentation which supported and adhered to the client’s Annual Capital Expenditure Plan and approval process enabling the client to receive the required funds for the projects to be initiated. This showed the power of a well-managed procurement strategy, not just to secure supply, but to underpin a major commercial venture,” said Albina.