May 3, 2022

Intern Takes Next Step In Career Development

Lidiar Group is delighted to welcome Marianys Diaz to the organisation as a Junior Associate following a successful internship and completion of her studies.

Darren Cave welcomed Marianys to the team. “I’m delighted Marianys has commenced her professional career in Australia with Lidiar Group as we continue to invest in and develop key talent. During her time as an intern, Marianys displayed the talent, knowledge and values that made her a natural fit into our team and culture. Throughout her 12 weeks with us, she demonstrated her capabilities in supporting quality assurance on a range of key infrastructure projects in the renewables, transport and oil & gas sectors. We look forward to the impact Marianys will make on our clients’ projects.”

“During my internship, I had the opportunity to learn new things, improve my skills and support the team in projects with different backgrounds; being a Civil Engineer, I found it an enriching experience for my career. I was exposed to construction projects and energy projects that directed me and gave me a clearer view of what I want to achieve professionally,” said Marianys upon her appointment.

“This new role is a great opportunity and challenge for me, and I like challenges. They push you to be a better version and bring out your full potential. Of course, challenges can be scary, but when you finish a project and realise what you can achieve, you are ready for something new and bigger. I am excited to be back on the team and look forward to contributing my skills to Lidiar Group and continuing to grow as an Engineer.”

Originally from Colombia, Marianys migrated to Australia to further her professional development, build on her studies and two years’ experience supporting the delivery of construction and environmental projects.  Marianys holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, a Diploma in Project Management and a Diploma in Leadership and Management.